Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Lives Matter - In Solidarity

We are cross-posting here from the "Astronomers in Color" blog. We are in solidarity with our Black colleagues today.

Dear fellow astronomers,

The recent extrajudicial killings of two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by the police have shocked, disturbed, and frightened many of us today. We express our unequivocal repulsion to these acts, which are just one manifestation of the underlying systemic racism in our country. These events affect our community directly. Many Black astronomers in this country, especially those in junior positions, are suffering at this moment. We encourage all of you to be mindful as you reach out to our fellow Black astronomers, and be present with them during these difficult times. The undersigned reaffirm our commitment to ensure the inclusion, support, and safety of every Black person in astronomy.

Black Lives Matter!

Prof. Jorge Moreno
Prof. Kim Coble
Prof. Alyson Brooks
Prof. Aparna Venkatesan
Dr. Jillian Bellovary
Dr. Lia Corrales
Nicole Cabrera Salazar
Prof. John Asher Johnson
Charee Peters
Prof. Adam Burgasser

The above signatories are members of the AAS Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy (CSMA). This statement reflects our own personal views, and is not an official statement by the CSMA nor the AAS.

In your efforts to create a more inclusive community, we encourage you to visit the resources below. Suggestions are welcome.
The New Jim Crow
Things you can do to end police brutality
Advice for white folks in the way of the police murder of a Black person
Decolonizing Science Reading List
Mentoring Minoritized Students
Whistling Vivaldi
What it really means to hold space for someone

Alicia Aarnio (WGAD)
David Charbonneau (CSWA)
Jennifer Connolly (WGAD)
Wanda Diaz Merced (co-Chair, WGAD)
Van Dixon (Chair, SGMA)
Daryl Haggard (CSWA)
Jennifer Hoffman (WGAD)
Kristen M. Jones (WGAD)
Jessica Kirkpatrick (AAS Council)
Jackie Monkiewicz (WGAD)
Nick Murphy (co-Chair, WGAD)
Jason Nordhaus (WGAD)
Vishnu Reddy (CSWA)
Christina Richey (Chair, CSWA)
Jane Rigby (SGMA)
Sara Seager (CSWA)
Jesse Shanahan (WGAD)
Cristina Thomas (CSWA)
Sarah Tuttle (CSWA, WGAD)
Aparna Venkatesan (CSMA, CSWA)

This statement reflects our own personal views, and is not an official statement by our affiliated committees nor the AAS.

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