Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Join us live: Career Panel Discussion this Thursday (7/30) 12-1pm CDT

Astronomers develop an incredibly useful (and employable!) set of skills while pursuing their degree and research interests. The latest stats indicate that while ~75% of recent astronomy Ph.D.s accepted a postdoc position, over 80% eventually pursue careers outside the tenure track faculty route.

To provide insight into the range of careers astronomers pursue and share advice and lessons learned along the way, we provided a series of Career Profiles.

Our next experiment is to host a live, online Career Panel discussion.

When: Thursday, July 30th from 12-1pm CDT
Where: Live via Google Hangouts

We invite you to watch and post questions to Twitter using #astroCareers.  The video will be archived and linked to within the AAS Career Resource portal. I'll also update this post to provide the archive link.

LT update on 7/30 after the Hangout: Here is the direct link to the archived video.

Our live audience will be Northwestern University's CIERA Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) students. The students will ask questions, we'll take questions from you via Twitter, and we'll include questions along the lines to ones asked in our Career Profiles

A particular emphasis will be on the transference of skills and knowledge obtained while our panelists earned their Ph.D. to their current jobs and what opportunities students should pursue during graduate school to prepare themselves for the range of careers available.

Evghenii Gaburov - NVIDIA
Meredith Hughes - Faculty in the department of astronomy at Wesleyan University
John Johnson - Faculty in the department of astronomy at Harvard University
Melissa Nysewander - Director of Data Science at Fidelity Investments
Leslie Sage - Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, Nature
Ali Vanderveld - Data Scientist at Groupon

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