Friday, October 5, 2012

(Posted on behalf of Michele Montgomery, CSWA member and organizer of the UCF conference)

From January 18-20, six regional Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics will be held at

-California Institute of Technology (
-Colorado School of Mines (
-Cornell University (
-University of Central Florida (
-University of Illinois (
-University of Texas (

The four major goals of the conferences are to * foster a culture in which undergraduate women are encouraged and supported to pursue, and also to succeed in, higher education in physics; * give women the resources, motivation, and confidence to apply to graduate school and successfully complete a Ph.D. program in Physics; * provide information and dispel misconceptions about the application process for graduate school and the diverse employment opportunities in physics and related fields, enabling women to make more informed decisions about their goals and attain them; and * connect female physics students with successful female physicists to whom they can relate and who can act as inspirational role models and mentors.

To obtain more information, please see the APS website

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