Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Can I Do? Inspirations from Women in Astronomy III

We found that many postdocs and graduate students would like to do something to promote women in astronomy and help create a female-friendly workplace, but their time was limited. Here are some suggestions.

1. Get your department/company/ organization to endorse the Pasadena Recommendations.

Start by going to the web site and printing out the brochure

Note: it is not important that all the recommendations are currently followed; it is important that the principles are supported.

2. Invite your department chair/boss/ research supervisor to attend a CSWA-sponsored session and/or Town Hall at the next AAS meeting.

This information is available on the AAS meeting web site.

3. Get a friend/colleague to subscribe to AASWOMEN, CSWA’s weekly electronic newsletter.

Simply send e-mail to, with message in the BODY: subscribe aaswlist your_email_address

4. Comment on a Women_in_ Astronomy blog posting.

5. Attend a career development workshop at an AAS meeting.

6. Get your friends/colleagues to read STATUS, CSWA’s semiannual publication. It consists of original and reprinted articles on topics relating to women in astronomy, in science and/or in society. Then get together to discuss an article.

7. Create a brochure of the family-friendly policies at your institution.

8. Put together an e-mail list of the postdocs in your department/ research group and invite them all out for coffee. (Suggested by Amber Straughn, GSFC)

9. Present a lunch talk in your department/research group summarizing the info and outcomes of the Women in Astronomy III conference. (Suggested by Laura Lopez, UCSC)

10. Make a suggestion to add to this list.