Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Career Development Workshop

In case you haven't heard, there's going to be a terrific Conference on Women in Astronomy and Space Sciences this fall. It's being held October 21-23 in College Park, MD.

Those of you who are postdocs or early (i.e. untenured) faculty should sign up for this workshop being held the afternoon before the meeting starts (October 20). Here's a quick blurb:
In conjuction with the Women in Astronomy and Space Science 2009 Conference, a professional skills development workshop is planned for the afternoon of Tuesday, October 20. Participants will develop negotiation skills through interactive means including case studies, personal assessments, and role playing. The workshop is open to postdocs and early faculty. Although the workshop is designed with the needs of women scientists in mind, persons of all backgrounds are welcome to apply. Workshop attendance is limited to 40.

I should note that this workshop is my own brainchild, so I'm personally invested in seeing that the enrollment for it is maxed out. I attended a very similar workshop put together by the APS at the last March meeting and let me tell you, it was EXTREMELY useful. Quite an eye-opening experience. I'm quite pleased that I can bring this workshop to the Women in Astronomy 2009 conference, because one of the the things about the March workshop I went to was that it brought together women from all sorts of physics backgrounds. However, the field of astronomy has its own unique set of issues, so having a more tailored workshop should be extremely helpful, especially for those of us on the job market.

To sign up go to this webpage and click on the link "Sign up for Career Workshop." I hope to see lots of you there!


Alyssa said...

That sounds great - I'll probably sign up (once I figure out the registration stuff)!

Karen Masters said...

Unfortunately it's a bit far to come for me, although it looks like it would be great and I wish I could go.

For UK based women (and men) there is a similarly themed workshop happening in London on Sept 18th, Work Life Balance in Astronomy.

kelle said...

there will also be a similar workshop on negotiating offered at the AAS in DC for a mixed gender group and for a $50 fee. There will also be workshops on leadership and writing. as of yesterday, these workshops were not yet up on the AAS registration site...so please hold off on registering!

Unknown said...

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