Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cross-post: Every woman has an 'I Don't' list. And it's about time we shared them.

We all do so much. It's so easy to forget all you do and just focus on what you don't. But instead of feeling guilty for all the things you don't do, what if we shared them! Holly Wainwright, Head of Content on the Mamamia blog, writes in this blog post "But now I can see that what women really need to hear is not how other women “do it all”, so that we can mimic their to-do lists and add more and more to our cracking plates. No. We need to hear what other women aren’t doing."

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My list overlapped with hers in many spots, but here are a few additional things 'I Don't' do:

  • I don't make my kids brush their teeth in the morning. Heck, I don't even brush my teeth in the morning.
  • I don't make my bed.
  • I don't make my kids make their beds.
  • I don't cook most nights, because my partner gets home before me.
  • I don't do ANY work after 8:30 pm. That's TV time.
  • I don't have any hobbies.
  • I don't attend most CSWA meetings because they happen during my work hours.
  • I don't shower every day.

So, what don't you do? Feel free to share in the comments!

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