Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Women In STEM: Top Female Scientists Playing Cards

Last week was the first ever International Women in STEM day, and I was one of many celebrating the day by posting on social media, using #WomenInSTEM, images of women in STEM who have inspired me.  It was also a great day to see so many other scientists post inspiring women and to see a collective effort at highlighting these game-changing researchers.

Hannah and Simon holding The Top Female Scientists Card Game
Two scientists from the United Kingdom, Hannah Wakeford (@stellarplanet) and Simon Clark (@simonoxfphys), who were also co-hosts of The Science Hour on Xpression FM, created a card game dedicated to many of these inspirational women.

As stated by Dr. Wakeford on her StellarPlanet blog: "There are 32 in total across maths, physics, biology, chemistry and geology - where each card has characteristics of Innovation, Impact, Obscurity and Awesomeness as well as a short biography. We hope that while the public will enjoy playing the game and hopefully learn about the scientists covered, our real goal is for the cards to be used as a classroom tool - specifically to encourage girls to engage with science. Many girls are put off studying science at school because they perceive it to be a very male-dominated subject, and one problem in particular is that they seem unaware of the female heritage in science. Most people can't name more than 5 or 6 famous female scientists, and yet some stellar women have contributed so much to our understanding of science. So we wanted to try and correct that."

To download your own copy, head over to Hannah's blog or download them here!

(Above) The cover of Top Female Scientists Game Card and the directions for play.

(Above) Two examples of scientists in the Game Pack, Marie Maynard Daly and Maria Goeppert-Mayer.

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