Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Job Application Season -- Think Broadly & Take Advantage of Resources!

With the job application season around the corner once again, I thought it might be helpful to share a few relatively new resources spearheaded by astronomers, for astronomers. The AAS Job Register is starting to branch out to advertise more than just academic jobs, but here are additional resources to help you access the broader range of jobs we have the skills to excel in.

AstroBetter advice post on how to organize a Career Panel at your home institution

Facebook Group -- Jobs for Astronomers

LinkedIn Group of 'former astronomers who now work outside of academia'

AstroBetter Career Paths Wiki

Additional resources that have been around for awhile:

AAS Career Resource Page

Academic and non-academic career networks

If you know of additional useful resources, please post them!

Note: Besides serving on the CSWA, I am the liaison with the AAS Employment Committee (EC). Thanks to Kelle Cruz, new chair of the AAS EC, for sharing these!

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