Thursday, October 22, 2009

WiA 2009: Thursday

Very nice dedication of the meeting to Beth Brown this morning. I wish I had gotten to know her.

Elizabeth Freeland on career breaks: left physics after having a child and various attending complications. Noted that working outside science was refreshing because having children and a life outside of work was valued.
Warning: part-time teaching is not a re-entry route, finding funding can be difficult without a "full-time institutional affiliation"
Blewett Scholarship is perhaps the only one available to women re-entering physics. (Freeland was the first recipient)
AAUW grants also available now
Career and family should not be taboo subjects!
Sloan Foundation permits extension on time past PhD for various things including child rearing - other fellowships can do this too!
Questioner, from Goddard: talks about how mentoring does not have to be onerous, not the same thing as advising, may be as simple a matter of listening and answering a question.