Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Cross-post: Meet the Women of Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science

Image Credit: Science Friday
Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science is a new documentary series by Science Friday and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Producer Emily Driscoll recently described the series on the Voices section of Scientific American: "The series shows how women at the forefront of their careers navigate personal and profession challenges in their path to discovery. Showing how these researchers overcome challenges like disabilities, dangerous field conditions, and going against cultural expectations, will hopefully inspire future generations of women in STEM.

The overall challenges faced by women in STEM as a group have been well documented. Women make up half the workforce, but less than a third of STEM jobs, and are more likely than men to leave those positions. At the same time, women and scientists are underrepresented on film, and a recent survey found that most Americans aren’t able to name a living scientist. It was clear to all involved that a creative collaboration to share stories of women in science would be an ideal project and Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science was born."

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