Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cross-post: How This Female Fortune 100 Executive Is Helping Women Advance In STEM Fields

In this week's cross-post article, journalist and Forbes contributor Elana Lyn Gross profiles Nicola Palmer, the chief network engineering officer at Verizon. Palmer has been committed to helping girls and women gain STEM skills that can make an impact in any field. In the interview, Palmer speaks about "her 28-year career at Verizon, inclusive leadership and actionable ways we can support women in STEM fields".


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hosting a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

There are many fantastic ways to raise the profile of women in STEM. One that has been in the news recently is hosting a Wikipedia edit-a-thon. The AASWomen editors were inspired last week after seeing an article about a physicist who wrote 270 Wikipedia profiles for female scientists.

Read more here:

There are a number of resources online for how to host your own edit-a-thon. One example from 500 Women Scientists can be found here:

A great example of a successful event at UNC can be seen here:

Let us know if you decide to host an edit-a-thon and we'll include it in a AASWomen's newsletter!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cross-post: We need to start being honest with girls about science

As an avid science communicator and astronomy subject matter expert for hire, Dr. JoEllen McBride, CSWA member, strives to make science inclusive for anyone who wants to participate. In this blog post, Dr. McBride discusses how we have to be honest with young women; not just about the set backs they may face when doing science but the systemic hurdles they'll face within their scientific institutions.