Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cross-Post: 35 Years Since Sally Rode ...

The US Postal Service recently
issued a Sally Ride "forever stamp".
Image from collectspace.com.
June 18, 2018 marked 35 years since Sally Ride's historic flight into space. 

I was a young girl at the time of Sally's flight, and I don't recall much of the hype surrounding the launch. However, looking back and seeing how she and her five female astronaut classmates (and 29 male classmates) changed - in fact, equalized and enabled - spaceflight probably had some effect on my career trajectory. I do know that by working on the ultraviolet telescope mission, STS-67, and meeting Tammy Jernigan (astronomer) and Wendy Lawrence (pilot), two astronauts who flew on that mission, my plans to do research in space science were solidified. 

and/or tell us how these female astronauts influenced your career in the comments below.