Friday, August 26, 2016

AASWomen Newsletter for August 26, 2016

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Issue of August 26, 2016
eds: Nicolle Zellner, Elysse Voyer, Heather Flewelling, Cristina Thomas, and Maria Patterson

This week's issues:

From: Sarah Tuttle via

Do you believe that racial discrimination and harassment occur in your department? Do you believe that sexual harassment has impacted the careers of its victims? Do you believe the climate in your department is safe for our LGBTQIA colleagues and students?

Your belief is irrelevant. We have facts at our disposal. Yet we extort a high price from those who experience harassment and assault in our community.


From: Ellen Pomerantz []

If you are looking for ways to increase student engagement, build your talent pipeline, or simply learn more about supporting STEM education, then you are eligible to take our free STEM Jobs Approved Survey, available NOW on

Focused on empowering young people to "do what you love" for a living in STEM, The STEM Jobs Approved Rating System provides high school students and their parents, K-12 educators, company recruiters and diversity managers with information about HOW STEM programs translate into real-world, long-term careers.


From: John Mather []

"Katherine Blodgett Gebbie, senior advisor to the National Bureau of Standards and Technology (NIST), died on 17 August.

An astrophysicist by training, she worked for NIST for more than 45 years. Among other positions, she was founding director of two large NIST operating units of several hundred researchers each, the Physics Laboratory and later the Physical Measurement Laboratory. Under her leadership, NIST staff won four Nobel Prizes in Physics between 1997 and 2012 as well as two MacArthur Fellowships, aka "genius grants.""


From: Cristina Thomas []

By Sri Ravipati

"A California-based private college has tripled its rates of female computer science graduates over the last 10 years. Harvey Mudd College (HMC) has transformed its Department of Computer Science graduation rates by removing obstacles that have traditionally held back women and making the curriculum more inclusive."



For those interested in increasing excellence and diversity in their organizations, a list of resources and advice is here:

-Faculty Position in Exoplanet Astrophysics, MIT, Cambridge, MA

-Senior Mission Software Systems Engineer, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD

-Instrument Program Manager, Keck Observatory, Kamuela, HI


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