Monday, March 28, 2016

On My Side: Creating Supportive Research Group Spaces

Reposted (with permission) from the blog of Dr. Angela Little.

The below the inaugural episode of the new podcast series "Piecing Together" by Angie Little. Dr. Angela Little is a researcher and independent consultant in college physics education. Her research focuses on students’ experiences with their first year of college physics. She is a co-founder of The Access Network, a national network of equity programs in college STEM. She serves on the APS Committee on Minorities and formerly served on the APS Forum on Education. She resides in Chicago, IL.

Research group spaces play a key role in academia for getting feedback on work-in-progress. Getting feedback can sometimes be a scary or frustrating thing to do, depending on the culture and practices of a particular group.  In this audio piece, I talk to graduate students and the lead faculty member of a math education research group at UC Berkeley. We discuss aspects of how they try to create a constructive and supportive culture for feedback. I hope this piece is a helpful conversation-starter.

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