Thursday, November 26, 2015

Guest Post: Gift Giving Guide from STARtorialist creators Emily Rice and Summer Ash

Today's guest post is by Emily Rice and Summer Ash. Emily and Summer created STARtorialist, the astronomy-fashion blog “where science meets fashion and scientists get fabulous!” in 2013.

Emily Rice is an assistant professor at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York, and a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History. Her research focuses on the atmospheric properties of very low mass stars, brown dwarfs, and directly-imaged exoplanets. You may recognize her from Astronomy on Tap NYC and those parody songs that get stuck in your head.

Summer Ash is the Director of Outreach for Columbia University’s Department of Astronomy. Having been both a rocket scientist and a radio astronomer, she’s now harnessing her powers for science communication. She is the "In-House Astrophysicist" for The Rachel Maddow Show and has written for Scientific American, Slate, and Nautilus Magazine.

As we approach northern hemisphere winter solstice and Earth’s perihelion, we also begin customary exchange of benefaction in many hominin clade cultures.

Translation: it’s winter holiday season, and that means presents! Here at STARtorialist, Summer & I have been curating astronomy-inspired fashion, decor, and more for nearly two years, and the WiA blog has asked us to share some of our favorites with you. The Universe of astrofashion seems to be affected by dark energy so it was a challenge to keep this short.  

Each category below has links directly to the shops mentioned as well as links to explore related tags on STARtorialist. The survey presented here is definitely biased, but you can use tags on each post to search by store (e.g., Old Navy, Modcloth), item (shoes, hat), or subject (Saturn, stars, galaxy, Hubble image). Or you could browse through all 1200+ posts on our archive! We’ll be posting more startorial gift ideas in the coming weeks so make sure to follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite RSS reader.

Starstuff Clothing* might as well be the official uniform of professional astronomers. Since a successful Kickstarter in summer 2014, the company has expanded from three prints to over a dozen, all real images from Hubble, Spitzer, WISE, and VLT. With five different t-shirt fits plus tank tops and dress, that’s 115 options, available in sizes XS-2XL. Explore all of our Starstuff Clothing posts.

Caption: T-shirts from Starstuff clothing

ShadowplayNYC** brings a unique style to galaxy prints with even more variety in prints and styles, including several style of tops, dresses, leggings/tights, and scarves. Explore our ShadowplayNYC posts.
Caption: “Crimson Galaxy” scarf and top from ShadowplayNYC (left) and Decade Old Planet silk scarf from Slow Factory (right)

Slow Factory,* embodies a classic and refined style classic, refined style. They print Hubble Telescope, Mars, and Earth images onto high quality, fair trade scarves and ties. Explore our Slow Factory posts.

Spiral UK makes shirts, bags, and other accessories, and many of their “galaxy” products use real astronomical images. Explore our Spiral UK posts


Caption: Clockwise from upper left: Jupiter & the Galilean satellites necklace from Lost in Space Jewelry, Solar System cuff bracelet from Jerseymaids, “Shoot for the Moon” earrings from Eclectic Eccentricity, and laser cut walnut Solar System necklace from Pretty Little Earth

Jerseymaids* has a panoply of planetary, stellar, and galactic designs, from planet rings to nebula necklaces to nebula necklaces to galaxy wrist watches. Explore our Jerseymaids posts.

Lost in Space Jewelry makes a stunning array of distinctive jewelry from real astronomical photos and can make custom pieces in a flash! Explore our Lost in Space posts

Pretty Little Earth* is new on the space style scene with laser cut wood jewelry in simple yet striking designs. The “brown dwarf” ring is one of my favorite pieces! Explore our Pretty Little Earth posts

And if you’re looking for that really special bling, there’s always Chanel. Explore our jewelry posts.

Kids clothing & toys

Caption: All Solar Systems Go bedding from The Land of Nod (left) and Pi dress from Princess Awesome (right).

Start busting stereotypes early: Princess Awesome & Girls Will Be make girly (but not frilly) clothes for babies, toddlers, and kids in with themes that are usually labeled for “boys”: robots, dinosaurs, space, math, and more.

The Land of Nod’s All Solar Systems Go bedding collection encourages your young ones to dream about space exploration every night.
Caption: Galaxy bunny and bear from Moonroom kids (left) and Earth and Moon plush toys from Celestial Buddies (right).

Celestial Buddies* will always be at the top of our list of toys for kids of all ages. The adorableness and attention to detail are both out-of-this world! Neptune and Uranus were new last year, and rumor has it that Pluto & Charon will be available very soon! The handmade galaxy bears and bunnies from Moonroom kids and a stuffed Rosetta spacecraft are also favorites of mine.

If You’re Looking For Something Completely Different...

Last but not least, socks. (Is this a long time joke in anyone else’s family?)

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*We have received items compliments of this company, though our posts are always our own opinions.