Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Can I Do? Become a Guest Blogger

Today’s suggestion: Guest blog for the Women in Astronomy Blogspot.

The Women in Astronomy Blog has continued to increase its readership and the range and frequency of posts since its inception in May 2008. We now publish a new blog post at least three times a week, over site has an average of 2,000 visitors per week with high impact posts reaching over 10,000 views. Our regular rotation of bloggers includes current CSWA members, Ed Bertschinger, Dave Charbonneau, Neil Gehrels, John Johnson, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Joan Schmelz, and Laura Trouille, as well as CSWA alum, Hannah Jang-Condell. We have also had dozens of external contributors. 

Because this large group spans career stages from graduate student to full professor and includes astronomers who have moved to careers outside academia, the blog effectively addresses concerns and provides relevant resources and advice across career stages. Topics discussed this past year included mentoring advice, role models, evolution in workplace culture/climate, work-life balance, family leave policies, job/career advice, unconscious bias, impostor syndrome, stereotype threat, bullying, sexual harassment policies, and more. The blog is linked to share entries on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Even casual readers of the blog could not help but notice the excellent posts we get from guest bloggers. Many of these people simply volunteered after we published a request for guest bloggers in the AASWOMEN Newsletter. If you have a topic you would like to write about, send it to me at the address below. We ask for a draft ~10 days ahead of the deadline so we can read it over and make suggestions. We would also need a short bio (3 or 4 sentences) that will introduce our readers to you.

-Joan Schmelz [jschmelz_at_memphis.edu]