Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Signal boost: DPS Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund

I'm re-blogging this from the Women in Planetary Science Blog:
The AAS DPS Professional Development Subcommittee is pleased to open this year’s application cycle for the DPS Dependent Care Grant program.
Up to $250 per applicant is available for DPS members to subsidize child, elder, or disabled dependent care during the DPS conference week (6-11 October 2013). Funds may be used either at the DPS meeting location or at home. Preference will be given to those presenting and those with the greatest financial need.
To apply, please fill out the online form here by Sep. 2, 2013. This program is sponsored by the new AAS DPS Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund. We thank Curt Niebur for granting permission to name this fund in honor of Susan, the DPS Committee and donors for their generous support to the program, and the DPS Professional Development Subcommittee and AAS for their work in making this come together. For more information on Susan, the fund, and how to donate, see here

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Niebur before her untimely passing, and I was always impressed by her energy and enthusiastic support of women in science. I am pleased to see her legacy live on through this fund. I hope that it will enable many early career scientists with children to fully participate in this year's DPS Meeting.