Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A journey through the Milky Way: sometimes you just wing it

So, I had a day where managing my work and managing the milk seemed to almost collide. There has been a lot going on, I’ve been concerned about funding my research group (we’re okay right now, but anyone who isn’t at least mildly concerned about funding their research group right now probably has their head in the sand!). It is easy to get distracted and say, forget completely that you are still producing milk for a child!

I started out Monday morning getting dressed and being fortunate enough to have a few more choices of tops thanks to a fun shopping trip with my mother who had been visiting for a week while my daycare was closed. One top in particular was a bit more frilly/girly than I normally wear. I had thought to reserve it for weekends rather than my work at NASA, but at the last moment decided, “what the heck”. I remember having thought that the shirt might also work as one with a built-in nursing cover.

I arrived at daycare that day to nurse Anya and couldn’t find the nursing cover anywhere in the car. That frilly blouse came in handy after all! But, that’s not all I forgot!

I forgot my cooler pack at home. I managed to go beg a bag of ice from the café in my building. I have actually managed to now do this twice this week (its only Tuesday!) and the second time the café had already closed. This time I just slipped the milk into a baggie, and then into my purse, and hoped it would be okay during the 10 minute trip from my office to the daycare (it was fine). I actually have a new bigger purse and found it a bit liberating to not carry around that cooler pack. It was actually nice to walk to the room without the obvious pack (just my purse!). Mental note: in the future when the weather is slightly cooler maybe this can just be the default!

And, when I reached the pumping room I realized I didn’t bring any of my pumping supplies to work. I forgot my pumping supplies (bottles and breast shields). I had back-up supplies and back-up to my back-up (2 sets of shields! Thank goodness!). I’ve made a habit of bringing extras in and it saved me.

It was kinda nice to know that I basically forgot to bring any of the nursing/pumping stuff to work today and I still managed to nurse my daughter today and pump milk.

Sometimes this is chaotic, but it can still work.


Eilat said...

I can't even count the number of times I would come home from work, with the cooler still in my backpack with all my milk, only to discover the next morning that I had forgotten to transfer it to the fridge or freezer. The 10-20 of ounces down the drain broke my heart each time.

But you've figured out the secret: redundancy and organization. That is what I tell young women who want to know how one balances career and family. Plan ahead and be organized!

AnnH said...

THANK YOU for the comment. We love to know someone reads the blog.

Yes, after such a milk-losing event, I now am a bit crazy about getting that milk into a refrigerator before everything else (kid's crying, dog wants to go out, too bad because I can't replace that milk).

I've now also tried to be the one to pick my daughter up at the end of the day so I can do a milk drop before even going home. Sometimes that works!