Sunday, January 4, 2009

AAS 213th Meeting: Day 0

Well, here I am in Long Beach!

I plan to live-blog from the AAS Meeting here this week. Tomorrow should be off to a great start: the CSWA Session meets tomorrow at lunchtime. 12:45pm in Room 104B.

Also of note:
  • Monday at 3:40pm: Lisa Kewley -- Pierce Prize talk
  • Tuesday at 11:40am: Penny Sackett -- invited talk
  • Tuesday at 4:30pm: Andrea Ghez -- invited talk
  • Wednesday at 3:40pm: Jenny Greene -- Cannon Prize talk

My count is 2 of 7 Prize or Named Lecture talks are by women, with the caveat that the Cannon Prize is specifically for women.
Also, 2 of the 7 invited talks are by women. Not too bad a representation. Someone has been paying attention.